friends are awesome and i love them.
are like stars. you don't always see them, but you know they're always there.
author's note

people don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care♥


Hello there! Hola. Aloha. Bonjour. Ni Hao. WELCOME TO MY BLOG. This is my ground. My place. And when your in my court, you go with my rules. Your respect is highly appriciated. =)

Firstly, i'd like to welcome you to my blog! I hope you enjoy your stay here. Link me if you wish, leave me a comment and i'll link you back.

Secondly, i'd also like to apologize in advance as nowadays i rarely update due to my pack schedules or lazyness to some point.

And last but not least, hey you! yes, you. guess what? well, YOU ROCK. hahha. i know you do. put on that mighty smile of yours and say you do. nobodys perfect. so make do with yourself. each and everyone of us are made unique in our own ways. everyone is beautiful. and don't you ever forget that.
anything is possible. just believe in yourself.
what you focus on, will become your reality.
live with passion.
share a smile with someone everyday. each one reach one, each one teach one. anyone can make a difference. ♥

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smile an ever lasting smile. a smile can bring you near to me. (:

friends are like rainbows,
they brighten your life after a storm.